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My First Triathlon – Workshop

Are you preparing for your first triathlon? 

Or maybe you are considering signing up!?

?My First Triathlon Workshop is for you! ?

✔️how to train for your next triathlon
✔️what wetsuit/bike/shoes to choose
✔️what other equipment do I need?
✔️the importance of taper 
✔️what to eat before, during and after the event
✔️how to recover fast?

The workshop is led by Leszek Stelmachowski, Ironman and Triathlon Coach based in Edinburgh.

We will also cover:

?‍♂️Open water swimming techniques, sighting, turning, fitting and removing wetsuit etc. 

?‍♂️ Preparing your bike, bike rules and regs, bike position, bike equipment and nutrition on the bike leg.

?‍♂️ Efficient run technique, warm up and post-exercise stretching.

TRANSITION: Kit layout, transition set-up, options to save time, applicable rules.

Where: Fitness Soul Studio, 34 Tennant Street
Numbers are limited.
Price: FREE


Do you have any questions? Let us know!

2 replies on “My First Triathlon – Workshop”

I am doing the swim leg of the triathlon as part of a 3 man team. Can you let me know what the water temperature will approx be? Is a wet suit compulsory and if so, will it be ok to wear a sleeveless shorty?
Many thanks

Whether wetsuits are mandatory depends on water temperature, as a general rule wetsuits will only become optional in water temperatures above 16oC. Shorty wetsuits are fine – your torso needs to be covered at least. For the water temp prediction, we are hoping for 18-20oC! 🙂

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