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Introducing The Beltie Weekend!

Crossmichael Triathlon is ready to grow. Jim McClelland has made the triathlon a
locally run success story. The next step though is to engage a much wider audience
and grow the current event competitor numbers and to introduce a middle-distance
event to enhance what is already on offer.
Duke Events will join the team to help deliver what we believe is a great opportunity
in a fantastic location.

The Wee Beltie (Olympic distance) 
The Big Beltie (middle distance triathlon) 
The Baby Beltie (kids race) 
brought to you by the Award-Wining Duke Active Team.

Potential programme:
Friday 30 th August
13:00 Registration

Saturday 31 st August
07:00 Registration
09:00 Standard Distance including relay
13:00 Registration
18:30 Pasta Party

Sunday 1 st September
08:00 Middle Distance including relay
09:00 Kids Various age groups.

2 replies on “Introducing The Beltie Weekend!”

I have entered your standard distance triathlon, which I thought was on Saturday 31 August and I also wanted to do the middle distance triathlon on Sunday ,but looking at the web page that you enter all events show Sunday 1st September. Is this the case all events are on Sunday? Thanks

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